5 Artificial Grass Carpet Decorating Ideas

 Artificial turf carpet decoration, the no-fuss solution for a beautiful feel.

The beauty of green grass can not only be enjoyed outside. The interior of the house is beautified with synthetic synthetic carpets.

Yep, currently many home interior decorations use synthetic synthetic materials. Not only because it creates a beautiful and unique feel, the use of synthetic grass carpet is also prioritized to make it more practical.

Synthetic Grass Carpet Decorations That Make Home Interiors Look Beautiful

Synthetic grass is a surface material made from synthetic fibers and is used as an alternative to artificial grass. 

This grass is commonly used in stadiums and sports arenas. But lately, homeowners have started using it in various places in the house. 

It is ideal for spaces where grass cannot grow or where lawn maintenance is nearly impossible.

For those of you who want to bring a natural and fresh impression to your home, let's take a peek at the 10 inspirations for decorating your home with synthetic carpets below.

1. Calm atmosphere in the family room

Tired of using the usual carpet in the living room? You can really apply synthetic grass carpets like the picture above.

Synthetic grass carpet will make the family room feel beautiful. Especially if the decoration is equipped with additional green plants. Fresher!

2. Synthetic grass for room wall decoration

Apart from being a carpet, synthetic grass can also be applied as wallpaper on the walls of the room. This artificial grass decoration can change the feel of the living room to be more unique and not boring.

3. Natural touch on the balcony of the house

For those of you who live in apartments or terraced houses, you can try this artificial grass carpet application idea!

Spread an artificial turf rug on your balcony. Don't forget to equip it with a chair or pillow to relax.

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4. Natural nuanced bathroom with artificial grass wallpaper

Instead of on the floor, you can apply a synthetic grass carpet as wallpaper on the bathroom wall.

Artificial turf decoration also creates a clean and tidy impression in your bathroom.

5. stair wall

In addition to presenting a natural atmosphere, this artificial grass decoration also makes your home feel fresher and unique

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