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Rice Sevai Sweet Recipe

Rice Sevai Sweet Recipe. People sometime get confused with idiappam and semiya (vermicelli) for sevai, all these food are completely different from sevai. With the tempting aromas of lemon, coconut, roasted peanuts unlike wheat vermicelli upma, rice sevai upma is not sticky.

Sweet Sevai (Rice Noodles flavored with jaggery and ...
Sweet Sevai (Rice Noodles flavored with jaggery and ... from s3.amazonaws.com
Shevayi/sevai in konkani or shavige in kannada or rice noodles in english or idiyappam in malyalam is my all time favorite breakfast. It wasn't easy, but she didn't mind either! Sweet sevai is a traditional recipe of sweet which is easier and more efficient to make.

Prepared pretty much the way one would prepare vermicelli/semiya.

Sevai also known as idiyappam sevai is one of basically rice sevai is cooked by soaking in hot water for 15 minutes and made instantly just like usually i make lemon sevai and sweet sevai as both are our family favorite. But she makes tomato idiyappam version. So to ease our job, readymade rice vermicelli ( rice sevai or rice idiyappam in tamil, rice vermicelli in. Some konkanis make it even for lunch, but it was always served as a breakfast at my home.

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