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Rice Sweet Jelly

Rice Sweet Jelly. Level up for more frequent rolls and more bonus points. It generates points after collecting an amount of jellies.

Sweet sticky rice with sweet yellow mango on top and covered in coconut cream syrup. Discover a recipe for a delicious homemade jelly that's a perfect addition when slathered on a scone. It is served chilled, with other toppings such as fruit, or in bubble tea or other drinks.

Rolls its body and provides points after collecting some jellies.

Sweet rice seal is an epic pet released on january 11th, 2018, alongside its owner, red bean cookie. Bite into hot, bursting gula melaka. Klepon (also known as onde onde in malaysia and singapore) is a sweet rice cake treat you'll want to whip up again and again. Japanese sweet rice dessert different color dango illustration isolated on white background.

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