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Mug Cake Recipe No Egg

 Mug Cake Recipe No Egg . Mug cakes in the microwave are very convenient cake recipes to get your baking goodness fix in less than 2 minutes. This mug cake recipe is super simple to make.

No Egg Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe | Easy Recipes
No Egg Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe | Easy Recipes from www.recipegoulash.com
I wanted to create a super chocolatey vegan mug cake that was also incredibly simple to throw together when you need a. It is one of the easiest. An easy microwave vanilla mug cake (made without eggs) that's the fastest way to make dessert for one or two.

Quick 5 minute mug cake recipe, for the sweet tooth!

As a bonus, it's now vegetarian and can easily be made vegan i developed this recipe from wacky cake, a cake that has no eggs in it. Although like other people have said add more milk. Although you can omit the chocolate chips i feel like it would be a lot better with them. This snickerdoodle mug cake makes it easy to enjoy these simple flavors at any time of year.

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