+ Leftover Rice Dessert Pictures

+ Leftover Rice Dessert
. One of the pudding recipes many people love, but hesitate to make at home, is rice pudding. .desserts leftover rice recipes on yummly | coffee dessert, fast dessert, layered dessert.

LEftover) Rice Pudding Recipe - Food.com
LEftover) Rice Pudding Recipe - Food.com from img.sndimg.com
Put into dessert cups and chill until ready to eat. The beauty of turning leftover rice into rice pudding is just how flexible it can be. Not only is it easy to cook, but also happens to be a versatile ingredient as you can make snacks, mains or even desserts.

If you have a lot of leftover cooked rice, baked rice pudding is an ideal and easy way to use it up.

From burgers, stuff mushrooms, to risotto and so much more. The rice is tender and the milk has thickened, add sweetener and fresh fruit, and you've got rice pudding to call dessert, breakfast. Fried rice using last nights leftovers. When reheating the rice, sprinkle a teaspoon of water over the top to help loosen stuck, dried grains.

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