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. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration to take on your own diy coffee table transformation! I bought it at a small furniture store in buford, ga when we lived there.

DIY Coffee Table Makeover
DIY Coffee Table Makeover from www.cozycountryliving.com
After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season i was ready to settle down and take on a good home. I wanted it to be relatively small, with space underneath for regardless, i paid $15 for this little coffee table, so i was determined to make something out of it. My project piece for today is this coffee table i picked up for $30 if you missed any of the other four makeovers, you can see them all here… drop leaf side table makeover.

Stylish dark and white coffee table makeover (via southernexposure1).

Home repurposed coffee table makeover with added lower shelf. The experts at domino share their favorite coffee tables that were brought back to life with the help of some diy spirit. Make your coffee table beautiful with just a few steps. Find out how you can turn secondhand items discovered at yard sales and thrift stores into a stylish and functional focal point for your living room.

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