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How to Prepare Tasty STRAWBERRY & ROSE LABAN

STRAWBERRY & ROSE LABAN. The garden strawberry (or simply strawberry; Fragaria × ananassa) is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria, collectively known as the strawberries, which are cultivated worldwide for their fruit. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Strawberry Cosmetics (Internet Services) Limited. Последние твиты от Strawberrynet (@Strawberrynet).

STRAWBERRY & ROSE LABAN Strawberry plant details are fascinating, and the complexity of the plants and their fruit is wonderful! Do you want to learn about the strawberry plant? Check out our incredible selection of juicy strawberries, fresh fruits, and other decadent gourmet treats that we've hand-dipped into rich, imported Belgian chocolate. You can cook STRAWBERRY & ROSE LABAN using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.


  1. It's 500 ml of laban/ buttermilk,full fat.
  2. You need 3 tsp of gulkand,heaped.
  3. Prepare 150 gm of strawberries.
  4. It's 2-3 of basil leaves.
  5. Prepare 1/2 cup of cream.
  6. Prepare 6 tbsp of icing sugar.
  7. You need 1 pinch of salt.

Strawberry definition is - the juicy edible usually red fruit of any of several low-growing temperate herbs (genus Fragaria) of the rose family that is technically an enlarged pulpy receptacle bearing numerous. (rare) Something resembling a strawberry, especially a reddish bruise or birthmark. Containing or having the flavor of strawberries. Flavored with ethyl methylphenylglycidate, an artificial compound. The garden strawberry is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria Here you can download free strawberry png images with transparent background.


  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender..
  2. Blend until smooth..
  3. Best served cold..

Strawberry definition, the fruit of any stemless plant belonging to the genus Fragaria, of the rose family, consisting of an enlarged fleshy receptacle bearing achenes on its exterior.

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