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Recipe: Tasty Red cabbage and cranberries

Red cabbage and cranberries. Red Cabbage, Cranberry, and Apple Slaw. Combine cabbage and cranberries in a large bowl. Combine cabbage and cranberries in a large bowl.

Red cabbage and cranberries Last week we harvested about a dozen red cabbages and a whole lot of beets from our garden. I whipped up a delicious combination of cabbage, beets, grated apple, and dried cranberries (inspired by Bon Appetit) into what is probably. Red cabbage and apples are stewed with wine, sugar, and dried cranberries in this cumin- and clove-spiced side dish, best served with hearty roasted meats. You can have Red cabbage and cranberries using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Red cabbage and cranberries

  1. You need of Red cabbage.
  2. It's of Red onion half moons.
  3. It's 1 T of Brown sugar sprinkled.
  4. Prepare of Cinnamon.
  5. You need 1 Clove of don't overdo it.
  6. You need of Cranberries i used 1/2 pack of whole fresh.
  7. Prepare of Apple cider.

Add the cranberries, sugar and vinegar and cook until the juices reduce and the Chill the cabbage and cranberry mixture overnight. In lg skillet, toss cabbage with cranberries. In a salad bowl, combine orange supremes, cabbage, cranberries, and shallots. Add half of the walnuts and parsley, reserving the other half to garnish salad.

Red cabbage and cranberries instructions

  1. Slice up cabbage and onion.
  2. Put into pot. Sprinkle with sugar spices & cranberries maybe a pinch o_ salt to Accenture the flavors but i don't remember doing it..
  3. Add a a small amount 1/2cup maybe of cider to simmer until cooked through about 5-10 min.

I have always adored red cabbage cooked long and slow, but it's also extremely good cooked fast so that it retains some bite and crunchiness. Using cranberries rather than the usual apples gives this dish a jewel-like appearance and their sharp flavour gives an edge to the spiciness. Cranberries are one of the most concentrated fruit sources of. This braised red cabbage recipe calls for red wine, cranberries, butter, and chicken stock. Perfect side dish for duck, venison, and turkey.

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