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Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Pickled Red Cabbage Salad

Pickled Red Cabbage Salad. Choose from a category or start typing to begin search. Quick Pickled Red Cabbage and Apple Salad with Walnuts. By Recipe Courtesy of Rebecca Katz for the California Walnut Commission.

Pickled Red Cabbage Salad The epitome of an easy and totally unfussy dish. With an irresistible punchy purple-red hue that will add a whole other level of color dimension + visual vibrancy to your. Cabbage Salad with Dijon DressingMadeleine Cocina. You can cook Pickled Red Cabbage Salad using 11 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pickled Red Cabbage Salad

  1. It's of lettuce, cut small.
  2. Prepare of Yellow sweet pepper cut up small.
  3. You need of Orange sweet pepper cut up small.
  4. Prepare of Plum Tomatoes left whole.
  5. You need of Cucumber cut up small.
  6. Prepare of Spring onion cut up small.
  7. It's of Sauce:.
  8. You need of Pickled red cabbage.
  9. It's of Squeeze of a lemon.
  10. Prepare of Balsamic Vinegar.
  11. You need of Black cracked pepper.

This pickled red cabbage salad recipe makes for a quick and easy gluten free healthy red cabbage recipe. Quarter the cabbage and discard any wilted outer leaves. Cut away the core then finely shred the rest with a mandoline or sharp knife. Put in a bowl with the ginger.

Pickled Red Cabbage Salad step by step

  1. In a serving dish, add all the cut up salad vegetables to the dish, toss it around then over the top put the pickled cabbage.
  2. Add the slices of lemon after squeezing on the sides, then spoon the sauce along the middle ..

This spicy pickle is a dark deep purple. Add the finished pickle to just about any vegetarian dish, sandwich or salad. Pack the cabbage into sterilized jars and using a fine mesh sieve, strain the vinegars over the cabbage. Pickled red cabbage is perfect for a variety of dishes! This tart and spicy condiment is quick to make and keeps in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

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