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    Top 10 Minecraft Build Battle Ideas

    The build battle game mode has been around since 2012, but some people still don’t know what it’s all about! It’s basically the same as the fight game mode except you have to craft your own armor, weapons, and tools, rather than choosing them beforehand. If you’re interested in starting your own build battle server or just looking for ideas, here are 10 build battle ideas to help you get started!

    1) Military Base

    Create a realistic, full-scale military base in Minecraft. Create a working armory and training facility with weapons you can equip and fight with. Give each weapon its own statistics (like durability and damage), so players can have as much flexibility as possible when choosing their loadout for battle. You could even make different types of armor that do different things, like let players run faster or increase their chances of dodging attacks—just remember to keep everything balanced!

    2) The Cabin in the Woods

    You’re planning a vacation. You need a few days away from work and responsibilities, but you also want to make sure you have something to do while on vacation. Your friend suggests that you check out their cabin in upstate New York. The cabin sounds like it will be perfect; it has plenty of room for everyone and an awesome view of a nearby lake.

    3) Outpost on a Pirate Island

    Sometimes building a structure means making something new, but sometimes you can repurpose an existing space to create a brand-new and exciting atmosphere. An excellent example of repurposing is seen in Outpost on a Pirate Island. In Survival mode, pirates have already established their main base of operations at an island, so you must build your structure from scratch without upsetting them by encroaching on their territory. The map’s starting position allows for some interesting options and strategic battles.

    4) Igloo Hotel

    One of my favorite Minecraft builds is an igloo hotel. First, build a huge igloo. Then get a ton of beds inside and even build your own sleeping quarters for yourself! Invite some friends to spend the night, but charge them for it! That’s how you make money from building things in Minecraft. Next, set up some defenses so that your guests can sleep peacefully.

    5) The Castle of Evil

    One of my favorite things to do in Minecraft is build amazing structures with friends. There’s nothing quite like gathering a group of friends and creating something beautiful, powerful, or simply fun to play around in. Here are ten of my favorite minecraft build battle ideas you can use right now with your friends: 1) The Castle of Evil: Taking inspiration from that classic gamebook series, create an epic structure out of stone and trees while working as a team to defeat skeleton warriors at every turn.

    6) The Deadly Labyrinth

    Minecraft is a fun game, but it can get stale quickly. It’s incredibly easy to get stuck in a rut: mining, building, mining, killing monsters. To shake things up and learn some new strategies, think about getting into build battles with friends. Here are ten ideas for doing just that.

    7) Viking Shipyard (For Ships, Not Boats!)

    When preparing your shipyard, you need to gather a lot of wood. Lots and lots of wood. So much so that you may start questioning why in God’s name you wanted to build a Viking shipyard in Minecraft to begin with. Well, once it’s done, and you have all those ships floating on the water, then it will be worth it. Trust me on that one!

    8) Kingdom of Heaven

    Is it possible to recreate a historic city in Minecraft? Maybe, if you’re as talented as King Kalenor. With a passion for history and an eye for detail, Kalenor has recreated Angkor Wat, China’s Forbidden City, and France’s Notre Dame cathedral in virtual form. He hopes to continue his ambitious project—recreating civilization from Babylon to New York City—and sees Minecraft as a way of connecting people through history.

    9) Desert Tomb

    Building a monument to death and decay, a desert tomb is one of my favorite build battle ideas. By placing cacti and skulls throughout your monument, you can create an eerie atmosphere that’s sure to creep out your opponents (and their minions!). This build doesn’t need to be overly large or complicated—it just needs to be bone-chilling! Make sure you place these blocks in a way that forces your opponent to use long range attacks such as bows and magic.

    10) Spawn Island

    One of my favorite Minecraft build battle ideas is to give each player a small island and a few blocks of wood. When it’s time to start, you take away all other resources from them so they can only build their landmass.

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