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    7 Easy Minecraft House Ideas

    Easy minecraft house ideas. Minecraft house or base is very important for your life in the game. usually where you move points, store ingredients you collect, and where you create, brew, or items. You may, or may not create a Nether portal somewhere but have a place to return to, and a place that can prevent monsters is essential.

    Easy Minecraft house ideas

    A Minecraft house can be as simple as a cube with doors and windows, or it can be complex with multiple floors, rooms, windows, skylights, and even a waterfall if you're feeling ambitious. You can use all kinds of blocks to build a Minecraft house. Some blocks are better than others at protecting you from monsters while others look better aesthetically.

    If you're new to Minecraft, and still learning to work with all the blocks, it's best to start with the easier houses. Here are ten awesome yet easy Minecraft house ideas.

    1. Survivalist Farmhouse

    We recommend this design for beginners. It's easy to make with common materials like wood and cobblestone, and it's easy to make. You can add more space to the design and it won't look out of place. You also have available farmland and an easy way to get there without leaving your house or traveling at night. Make sure you store it properly.

    2. Oak & Spruce by Smithers Boss

    If you want something easy to make, and beautiful to look at, this house is well worth the visit. It is built using mostly wood which is one of the most common block types in Minecraft. You can make them with many different types of wood, but oak and dark oak look best. There are also other blocks used e.g. cobblestone and glass but easy to find or make.

    The only drawback of this house is that it is mostly made of wood and will easily be damaged by the masses. In the image below, custom shaders have been used so your home will look different depending on the shaders you have installed.

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    3. Stylish and Compact of the CSX42

    Stylish and Compact Design The CSX42 is a modern yet small home design that has room for a bed, craft table and chest. It was built with basic beams such as wood and stone slabs. As you build them, you'll also learn a thing or two about creating great homes. This tutorial covers ideas for making stacked chests accessible and how using different types of blocks adds aesthetics to buildings. There are also ideas for expanding the house when you need it.

    4. Modern house by RainbowGamerPE

    The modern house by RainbowGamerPE features finished concrete, again, not the easiest to build, but concrete can be replaced with smooth stone. You'll need a large amount of coal to do all of this, but the house is huge and you'll probably never move from it. You'll need to collect a fair amount of wood and sand, but they're common enough not to be a big deal.

    The building also uses ordinary birch, and black glass panels that require black staining. Again, you can use plain, colorless glass. The design is quite nice and will allow you to play with various materials with ease.

    5. Small, modern, two-story house

    This is one of the more complex buildings and the resources will take some time to gather, but if you want a big, sturdy home, check out this design from WiederDude.

    This house has two floors, and a pool. You can transform it and turn the pool area into an easily accessible farm. What makes this house difficult to build is the use of concrete, especially white concrete which requires bonemeal. You will need to kill some skeletons for that. Or, you can make smooth stone blocks and use them instead. This house may not look great but the design is still good.

    Note: shaders have been used in the image below. Your final build will look different based on the shaders and texture packs you used.

    6. Simple Beginner's House by Sv Gravity

    The Simple Beginner's House by Sv Gravity has a stone base, commonly available wooden beams, farmland, two floors, lots of space and great views.

    You won't be able to build this house in a day, so make sure you have a place to stay the night while you build but it's definitely worth the time spent. The ingredients are easy to get. You can design the interior any way you want and you can skip the lantern in favor of the torches.

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    7. Simple Birch Beginner's House by Folli

    The Simple Birch Beginner's House by Folli is built primarily with birch which is one of the most common types of wood. You need a good ax to get wood and a little time to build a house but it is big, beautiful and has room to farm.

    You can skip the pots and lanterns until you have clay and iron to make them. The house will provide shelter and a place to store your supplies, a craft table, stove, and some bookshelves.

    Minecraft house is art and functionality in one. The houses on this list may seem difficult to build, but once you see how they are built, you will quickly come up with your own design or modify them to suit your particular needs.

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