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    7 Living Room Wall Decor Inspiration Ideas

     Living Room Wall Decor Inspiration Ideas. The house where everyone died is certainly more comfortable with living room wall hangings. Because in addition to adding to the beauty, this wall decoration also adds comfort for everyone who visits. There is an aesthetic value that you can create without overdoing it. Currently, there are many who sell various kinds of wall decorations. It can be in a variety of unique shapes, colors to match your walls or different decorating functions.

    You can choose wall hangings or decorations with simple models to make them more beautiful and attractive. Moreover, the living room is the main area that can be the first impression for anyone who visits the house. One way to get an impressive living room look is to decorate the living room walls. This element is able to create a beautiful appearance and a more comfortable atmosphere.

    Living Room Wall Decor Inspiration Ideas

    1. Photo Collection

    The first wall decoration inspiration that you can place in the living room is a collection of photos. Making these decorations is also quite easy where you just have to choose and prepare the photos that you will use as decorations.

    Place it in a frame with a color that matches the wall, choose a minimalist frame and decide how many photos you will stick on the wall. If the living room is spacious enough, you can give 15 frames on the wall with 5 photos for the length and 3 photos for the width. If the walls are white, it will seem minimalist when you choose gray for each frame.

    2. Wall Hanging Typography

    The appearance of typography is also one of the inspirations for a good living room wall decor. Typography is the art of typesetting which can usually be a quote or motivational quote. For those who like the world of literature, they can quote aphorisms or poetry quotes from famous or favorite authors and order them. Presenting typography in the living room can add beauty to the room and give a vibrant impression in the room. Choose a quote or sentence that can touch the heart of anyone who reads it.

    3. Wooden Shelf Decoration on the Wall

    Wooden shelves are not only for putting your books, but also can be an interesting decoration on the living room wall. This decoration can also not only be an added value to the room but its existence is indeed functional. You can put your favorite books, collectibles, action figures, or other unique items on this wooden shelf. Currently, many make wooden shelves as one of the living room decorations to create a vintage or natural impression.

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    4. Decorative Plate

    For classic-style homeowners, the recommended living room wall decor inspiration is a beautiful decorative plate. Decorative plates are the right decoration in creating classic or old school designs. Don't hesitate to display a collection of illustrated plates on the living room wall, especially if the color is a little flashy so that there is a point of interest in the room. Not only beautiful but the living room will look more distinctive.

    5. Caricature Wall Decoration

    Self-caricature is not a bad choice when you display it in the living room. Caricatures are unique works of art that can be used as living room wall decorations and add added value to the room where visitors who come will be impressed when they see your wall decoration. The room also feels more personal and special. Many graphic designers can create custom caricatures for living room wall decorations. Even if you're not a caricature of yourself, you can choose a caricature of an idol or important figure you admire to display in your living room.

    6. Wall Painting Decoration

    It's not a new thing if the painting becomes a living room wall decoration that is a favorite of many people. However, before installing it, you can adjust the painting to the theme or interior design of your living room. Avoid too many carvings or ornaments on the frame where the painting can look more simple and beautiful. Unfortunately, the living room wall decoration in the form of paintings does have a fairly expensive price when compared to others because it is a work of art directly from the hands of the painter.

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    7. Mirror

    In general, the mirror is in the bedroom or bathroom. You can also place a mirror in any room because it will add to the beauty of the room. If you put it in the living room, it can create a spacious impression in a small living room. Choose a mirror with a neutral frame, such as black, gray or white though. Don't forget to keep the mirror clean to make it look beautiful as your wall decoration.

    From seven inspirational living room wall decorations, you can choose which one suits your home concept. Be it caricatures, paintings, mirrors, framed pictures, typography or family photos that you display.

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