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    11 Bathroom Wall Decoration Ideas to Make it Look Charming

    Bathroom Wall Decoration Ideas. Usually people tend not to pay too much attention to bathroom wall decorations. This is what then makes the bathroom seem gloomy and invisible. In fact, like rooms and family rooms, bathrooms also need special attention. That way, a personal space to clean yourself as well as unwind after a day of outdoor activities is able to bring its own comfort when used.

    Well, in this article, we will show you some wall decoration ideas that can be applied to make your bathroom more charming.

    1. Walls with 3D Effect

    You don't have to really make a layered bathroom wall, you can use a wall with a 3-dimensional effect to create a modern-futuristic impression in your bathroom.

    2. Blackboard Covered Wall

    Like your little one's room, kitchen room, and other rooms, the bathroom can also be beautified by using a black chalkboard as a decorative element on the wall. Next, you just make a sketch as you wish.

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    3. Ceramic Mosaic Wall

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