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    5 Smart Tips for Using Staircase Space for Storage Cabinets

    When you are confused about putting a lot of things at home, but space is limited and already full of other items, you can subconsciously take advantage of small spaces at home. For example, if your house is multi-storey, there must be stairs. You can use the small space under the stairs for storage, or any other room.

    There are many things you can use in that empty space. For example, by making cabinets under the stairs, bookshelves, reading rooms, hand washing areas and so on. This time we will discuss some tips for utilizing the empty space under the stairs.

    1. Bookshelf Under the Stairs

    Furthermore, you can use the space under the stairs as a bookshelf. Especially if there are children at home who are in school. There must be a great need for books. 

    The bookshelf in the room may not be enough anymore so that the books become cluttered in the room. Or even if you are a book collector and want to create a mini library, the space under the stairs can be used as a bookshelf.

    In addition, by arranging books on the shelves under the stairs, it turns out to be able to reduce noise well. So, there are many advantages that you will get if you use the space under the stairs for books.

    2. Reading Room and Work Room

    Now, after the bookshelf, if there is still space under the stairs, you can use it to put a chair, a small sofa or a small table. Then it becomes a reading room or a mini library under the stairs. Or this you can use as a workplace when you have to work from home.

    But, don't forget the lighting. Make sure the light is bright enough so you can read the book clearly. The habit of reading books in a dim place will have an impact on eye disorders.


    3. Shoe Rack and Wardrobe

    Turning the area under the stairs into a shelf is the solution that is most often used because it can be an additional shoe rack or wardrobe in your home.

    The width of the stairs is generally 90-100 cm. The size or depth of the cabinets under the stairs does not always have to follow the width of the stairs. The width of the cabinet under the stairs should only be half, for example 45-50 cm.

    The solution is to make a wardrobe with drawer rails. The designs also vary, all depending on the function you want.

    The wardrobe can also use drawers with the hanging pole position in the direction of the drawer pull.

    4. shelves

    Are you the type of person who likes to collect displays, especially after traveling? The area under the stairs can be optimized as a display shelf.

    Add a mirror on the wall to add dimension to the space. If the area under your stairs is large enough, this area can also be used as a TV cabinet.


    5. Washing Machine/Washing Machine

    If the stairs in your house are close to the kitchen or bathroom, you can use them for washing. Placing the washing machine under the stairs can be the best option. So, cleaning clothes will be much easier. You can also give more space in the room of the house because you no longer need a special place to wash clothes.

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