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    5 Best Minimalist Furniture Design Ideas for Modern Homes

    Occupancy on limited land and in a modern minimalist style must be supported by the right minimalist furniture design. Consider this because the space will feel narrower if you reduce the minimalist elements that are the main purpose of the design. Therefore, choose an interior design that carries the concept of functionality and beauty at the same time.

    In its development, the trend of minimalist furniture is often associated with its multifunctional nature. That is, a piece of furniture can have more than one function. In this article, we present various minimalist furniture designs that you need to know!

    1. Multifunctional Sleeper Sofa

    Sleeping sofa is one of the idol furniture that is often placed in the family room. In a modern minimalist style home design, the sleeper sofa is the main choice because of its multifunctional nature. Because apart from being a place to sit, a sleeping sofa can also be transformed into a bed if you want to use it to rest at night.

    2. TV Cabinet with Extra Storage

    TV cabinets with extra space are a favorite choice for minimalist residential designs. This furniture is made of wood which is not only a place to store the TV, but also as a place to put decorative items. You can also store some items on small to medium sized shelves. In addition, the TV cabinet can also be used as a room divider.


    3. Folding Ottoman Stool

    An ottoman bench is a brilliant idea for minimalist furniture. Because in addition to functioning as a chair, you can also take advantage of the space on the inside as a place to store things.

    4. Wall Shelf

    This one furniture can take advantage of various areas that were not previously used. With a simple design, you no longer need to buy an additional table to put room decorations. In addition, you can display various objects that can be displayed, such as a collection of books or photo frames


    5. Decorative Chandelier

    Chandeliers are an alternative to indoor lighting in your home. This lamp presents a strong modern impression and is wrapped in a minimalist design. For placement, you can install a chandelier on the dining table or family room that requires beauty and lighting.

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