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    + Bulgogi Hot Pot Recipe Gif

    + Bulgogi Hot Pot Recipe
    . I tried my best to make this recipe with common ingredients that you can find at any regular grocery stores as possible, so hopefully this recipe is helpful! Korean beef hot pot aka bulgogi hot pot!

    Bugogi Hotpot
    Bugogi Hotpot from
    For pot, we need some vegetables like carrot, napa cabbage leaves or green cabbage or bok choy or all together, onion. Making a korean hotpot recipe for beginners. Korean beef hot pot, bulgogi jeongol!

    Korean beef hot pot is a wonderful stew that warms you right up!

    Ddukbaegi means hot pot and bulgogi means fire meat in korean. Korean beef hot pot, bulgogi jeongol! That's because you get a little bit of everything: If you made my korean bbq beef (bulgogi) and have some in the freezer, you are already halfway done with the recipe!

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