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    7 Healthy Breakfast Toast Ideas

     Here are 24 of our favorite healthy breakfast toast ideas! This easy recipe is perfect for busy mornings when you need a quick and nutritious breakfast.

    One of my favorite recipes is BREAKFAST TOAST. I never get tired of breakfast toast because there are so many toppings to choose from – fruits, vegetables, hummus, eggs, peanut butter, you name it! I also love that most breakfast toasts are ready in less than 10 minutes, making them the perfect quick nutritious meal on my busiest mornings. There's something so cozy about starting my day with a thick, hearty slice of gluten-free toast smothered in delicious toppings and of course, my daily matcha on the side!

    Today I've rounded up 24 of the best healthy breakfast toast ideas for you. This list has plenty of vegan, vegetarian and healthy recipes for you to choose from. This toast also includes plenty of fresh produce like berries, avocado, tomatoes, and leafy greens to ensure you get a healthy kick in the morning. Be sure to use your favorite gluten-free bread if you follow a gluten-free diet.

    1. Berry Protein Overnight French Toast

    This Berry Protein Overnight French Toast is prepared overnight stored until morning, and is loaded with whole grains, protein, fiber, fruits. Best satisfying breakfast for the morning.

    2. Sweet Potato Toast

    This sweet potato toast is topped with avocado, green vegetables, and sunny side up. This is the perfect easy breakfast that will keep you full until lunch.

    3. Avocado Egg Toast

    Healthy and easy this avocado egg toast is protein packed breakfast meal that ready in just 10 minutes.

    4. Mushroom Hummus Toast

    If you love mushroom, try this mushroom hummus toast recipe in this breakfast meal. With just few minutes and few ingredients this meal is ready in the morning.

    5. Vegan Avocado Chickpea Toast

    I love this avocado chickpea toast and it is one of my favourite toast ideas for snack or breakfast. So tasty, vegan and healthy this meal you will love too!

    6. Tex-Mex Avocado Toast

    Whole grain toast + 1/2 an avocado, sliced + cherry tomato halves + thinly sliced red onion + fresh cilantro + salt + pepper.

    7. Garden Radish Toast

    Whole grain toast + herb and chive cream cheese spread + thinly sliced radish + chives + salt + pepper

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